As valentines day approaches, I wanted to post a blog on the subject of love in modern times.

There is a series of short love stories on Amazon Prime called Modern Love, which are all good to watch, based on real life, love stories in New York.  The series is based on a column in the New York Times, which was then made into a podcast and people can listen to these on line.  Its a lovely concept, which looks at the variety of relationships, which include both romantic and non romantic love.

One of the very strong episodes is a story about a young women who lives in an apartment in New York and a caring friendship that she has with the doorman, at the block, when she becomes pregnant.  Another fantastic story is on the subject of a women who looks for love while dealing with bipolar disorder.

Continuing the theme of Valentines day, which celebrates romantic love. In recent times, however other variations are appearing such as Galentines day and Palentines day.  Galentines day began ten years ago and is all about celebrating with your closet female friends and Palentines day is very similar and also celebrates love between friends.  The day to celebrate is on the 13Th February 2020 the day before Valentines day and its a good light hearted alternative.  Other variations are International Quirkyalone day, which is a celebration of love in general, celebrated on 14Th February and singles awareness day which falls on either the 14th or 15th February, where singles celebrate being single.

Its great that different forms of love are being celebrated in modern times.  Have fun celebrating.