Farah Qureshi

Our Story

“Her work celebrates the finer things in life and seeks them out. Everyone needs a special piece of jewellery just for them….”



The inspiration behind the jewellery comes from a myriad of sources.  These include botany under the microscope, travels to different places in the U.K and further afield.  Found objects in the home and more.  Life is an inspiration.

Ethics and sustainability are essential to the business.  Using recycled materials helps the planet and by using Fairtrade gold, the communities around the mines benefit.  The communities have greater standards of living.  There is also greater health and safety for the miners.


The Collections

“There are hidden treasures to be found everywhere; you just need the time to discover them”

All of the items shown on the website can be personalised with engraving, different coloured metals and  different gemstones can also be used.



Residency, Awards & Shortlists

2021 Took part in a residency at Mediamatic in Amsterdam, Netherlands

2021 Funded and supported by the Arts Council England

2021 Bark certificate of excellence

2021 named one of the F :entrepreneurs for 2021 by small business Britain

2020 Bursary from the Artists Newsletter/Arts Council

2020 Good brand award sublime magazine

2019 Career Development Award from CPP (creative people and places)

2019 Certificate of excellence, from online directory Bark

2018 Ethical jewellery designer United Kingdom, Global Wedding Awards

2017 Heathrow World of Opportunity Award

2017 Green Business Award, Hounslow Business Awards

2017 Wedding jewellery designer, Lux Wedding Awards

2017 Brooch competition winner, Craft Central in collaboration with Transport For London

2017 High Commendation, Heritage Crafts Association

2017 Shortlisted for the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Award

2016 Finalist Maker Awards, Not On The High Street

2016 Named one of the 100 small businesses, Small Business Saturday

2016 Highly Commended, Green Award, Hounslow Business Awards

Jewellery Design Award from Nina B, awarded while a student at Art School