Agi Kolman photography (creative shots of jewellery)

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I have recently had some photos taken of my jewellery, by the wonderfully talented photographer Agi Kolman.  Agi is a photographer who is technically very skilled at taking photographs of jewellery and her work has been featured in both books and high end glossy magazines.  You can see examples of her work throughout my website and most recently Agi has been taking creative shots as well.

Here is a photo of a ring which has been carved in wax and cast into silver.

The second image is of a pair of earrings from the Lady L range of jewellery made in silver with pink topaz stones, black diamonds and blue/grey pearls.


Photo number three is of silver and eighteen carat gold bangles which have charms and gemstones.


This is a ring with a green tourmaline and purple amethysts stones.

The next photo is of a pair of folded cufflinks in silver and is gold plated within the folds.

The final photo from the creative series is of a pair of earrings from the Lady L range made in silver with rose quartz stones and grey pearls.