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The Bridal jewellery created (which also includes civil partnerships) encompasses a wide selection of jewellery pieces and these include both wedding and engagement rings, jewellery to wear on the special day: headwear including tiaras, hair slides and more.

The focus of the bridal jewellery created is on the ethics and sustainability of each piece and this is combined with modern design. The ethics and sustainability relates to the sourcing of the materials; understanding where the materials come from and the traceability of the diamonds used (if this is the gemstone of choice.) As well as other gemstones.



Headwear for the special day can be designed and made.  They can be made in precious metals and can also be embellished with gem stones.  The tiara in the photo is inspired by nature and is set with colourful gems including, amethyst and green peridot.


Rings Made To Commission

Wedding and engagement rings are made to order in ethical materials including Fairtrade Gold.  As well as creating bridal jewellery; jewellery is also made for civil partnerships.  Commitment rings and promise rings are also created.  Eternity rings can also be made.  There is an engraving service and rings can be engraved with special words and dates.

The rings can be made in a variety of different thicknesses of metal and different shapes.  They can also have an engraved pattern on the front of the ring as well as on the inside.  Or a hammered effect can be used.  Engagement rings can also be made with a variety of different gemstones.  Either a single gemstone can be used or a cluster of gemstones.  Popular metals are platinum and different carats and colours of gold, such as white, rose and yellow gold.  There is a colour to suit everyone.

Ethical gem stones

On request ethical gem stones can be sourced for commissions.  Lab grown diamonds are also available.  They make great ethical gems and the quality of the diamonds are very high.  Or if you prefer natural gems, I can source fully traceable white diamonds.  The traceable white diamonds come with a laser mark, which marks the authenticity of the precious gem.

The diamonds can come in different colours such as champagne coloured, as well as grey, speckled, black, deep taupe and a rare pink shade.  These are sourced from companies with green policies on their websites.

With regards to alternative gemstones; there are ethical and sustainable gem stone companies who can source specific gemstones direct from the mines, through to the cutting process.

Other precious gems which are popular are sapphires, rubies and emeralds.  However there are many other beautiful gems, which can be incorporated into a design.  

All gemstones have symbolism attached to each gem, which gives each piece of jewellery a special meaning.  For example diamonds are associated with love, health and strength.



Other jewellery for the special day

Jewellery pieces can also be made to go with an outfit, such as earrings and necklaces.  Cufflinks and tie pins can be made for men.  Jewellery for bridesmaids and jewellery for the mother of the bride can also be made to order.

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