Chromatic Dinner-Event, held in London

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There will be a Chromatic Dining event in the U.K on Friday the 1St October 2021 at the Watermans Arts Centre in Brentford. The creative director of the event is Martin Butler who has created an event which has various themes, which result in a multi-sensory dining experience. The Chromatic Dinner has been held in various locations around the globe including Amsterdam, LA, Dubai, Austria and China.

Martin Butler at one of the events

The Chromatic Dinner brings food, art and science together, resulting in a dining event which aims to challenge:

“the way food influences our emotions, sensations, thoughts and associations.”

This year I will be collaborating with the Chromatic Dinner and will be creating cutlery pieces which tie into the themes of the event. There will also be a performance installation, with Tale To Be Told and Leah Muwanga-Magoye. There will also be poetry by Quddous Ahmed.  Artists Art Jar will be creating vessels and there will be music by Owen Morgan Roberts. Otto Willberg will be playing a double bass and vocals are with Clara Kanter and Alexander Pullinger.

The event is in conjunction with CPP, creative people and places.

It is going to be very exciting and as it is a one night event, its very special to be showcasing my new work on the night.