The Chromatic Dinner is an immersive experience, which takes place in various locations. You can read more on my last blog post. This year it took place in London on the 1St October 2021. It was an exciting collaborative event, which was a huge success and it had sold out quickly.
My contribution to the collaboration was creating two designs and creating multiples from the initial prototypes.

There was a wonderful vegan menu which was five course and music was created for each of the courses, along with poetry, art, craft and a production. The event was arranged in a way which was seamless and quite subtle.

Due to covid the dining experience was only on for one night, however it was a night to remember.

It was great to collaborate and it would be wonderful to take part in more, different collaborations in the future.

Here are some photos from the event.  The photos are by Cristina Schek.