Lady L

The Lady L collection in collaboration with Guildhall Art Gallery

The Lady L collection of jewellery was a collection created for an exhibition at the Guildhall Art Gallery, called the age of elegance. This was an exhibition, which highlighted paintings from the early part of the 20th Century. Alongside the paintings, a curated selection of crafts were shown. The contemporary crafts were inspired by a painting of Lady Lavery, a socialite of the time. I created a set of jewellery inspired by nature and the colours of an outfit shown in the painting.

The Brooch Is Back

Brooch project for the London Underground exhibition called the Brooch Is Back

I designed a selection of brooches based around my journeys on the underground. The brooches were exhibited alongside other jewellery designers, inspired work. The showcase took place at Craft Central which was based in Central London at the time.

Hogarth House

Online exhibition with Hogarth’s House in West London

Hogarth’s House held an online exhibition displaying the work of several artists. The inspiration was an Ancient Mulberry tree which is housed in the garden next to the historic house. Each artist created a piece of work. I made a pair of earrings inspired by the leaves of the tree. This has been developed into a collection of pieces and is a symbol of hope and resilience.

Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis, experimental event at the Watermans Art Centre West London

Identity Crisis, was a collaborative event which included theatre, poetry, recital and interactive art. I had the opportunity to work with Teri Creaser from the company Tale To Be Told, and created a charm bracelet in keeping with the themes that she works with. These include homelessness. I was inspired by the items in my home, including an origami heart and box shaped into a house. All of the charms have significance, including a pound sign, symbolising both wealth and poverty.

The Chromatic Dinner

The Chromatic Dinner took place in 2021, during the pandemic and took place after the lifting of one of the lockdowns. It was a multi disciplinary project, combining food, with poetry, theatre, art and craft. There were various themes including colour and the themes ran through the various courses, creating an immersive experience.

“Inspired by the ideas of Kandinskys’s principles of Klangfarben, and the influence of the Chinese five elements: Tree, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, each course is created in accordance to the colour and underlying principles of each element. Each course is designed in a different color, taste, smell, texture, and sound to create a five course chromatic dining experience.”

Reference from the Chromatic Dinner Website

I created pieces for two of the courses. The first piece was a food crusher, created in black PLA and I made 50 pieces for all of the guests. The second piece; which was hand made in my studio were, a pair of pinchers, which are wearable and are used in a similar way to chopsticks, to pick up food.