The new Creative Mile is coming up very soon. The event starts on Friday, 3Rd September 2021 and the private view starts at 6pm until 9pm. On Saturday and Sunday, the event takes place from 11.00am until 5pm. I will be popping up at Studio Flox, where there will be around ten other artists exhibiting art and craft. The address of Studio Flox is:

Studio Flox
Watermans Park
Brentford High Street

Watermans park building is a meanwhile space, which has housed creatives in recent years. It is a temporary building which will make way for new buildings in the future.

I will showcasing silver pieces from a few contemporary collections.

Studio Flox is an upholstery studio, where furniture is revamped with wonderful fabrics and prints. The designs are wonderful. Smaller pieces such as cushions are also made.

Its been a while since I last took part in a pop up event and regular face to face events have been few and far between over the last year and a half. It will be good to take part in a local event which highlights the creativity in the area. There is lots to see as around 6o artists and craftspeople will be exhibiting in various venues along the creative mile. Visitors can walk from one venue to the next, which is along the river Thames.

Photo credits:
Gwen Shabka
Studio Flox