I have a variety of different memberships, all linked to craft and design.  Each organisation has different specialities.  For example, I have a membership with the Heritage Crafts Association.  The HCA specialise in promoting endangered crafts and work towards preserving those crafts in the United Kingdom.  There are a range of awards to apply for, in a variety of different disciplines.  A link to the website is:


On the website is a makers directory, where you can discover a range of different disciplines, all relating to craft.

A second membership is with the Crafts Council.  The Crafts Council is a nationally recognised organisation, who support the Crafts Industry, in the United Kingdom.  They also have a makers directory and there is an online resource, which provides training for crafts people and they promote exhibitions happening around the country.  A link to the Crafts Council is

:https://www.craftscouncil.org.ukMy third membership is with an organisation called Craft Central.   Craft Central hold events and exhibitions at their beatiful buidling on the Isle of Dogs.  I have exhibtied several times with Craft Central over the years and currently have a listing on their website; on their makers profile section.  Craft Central also provide initiatives for Crafts People and Designers.  Here’s a link:


My fourth membership is with the Society of Designer Craftsmen.  They are an organisation which harks back to the Arts and Crafts movement.  The society hold zoom talks and also organise exhibtiions, in a variety of different places in London and around the United Kingdom.  The exhbitions showcase a range of crafts and the Society, has in the past exhibited at the Mall Galleries in central London.: (Click on the text to see the range of crafts.)

The next membership I have is with Design Nation.  I recently joined a year ago and Design nation have a very striking website, showcasing design from around the country.  Design Nation hold exhibitons for members around the U.K.. The design nation website is: www.designnation.co.uk

I have also recently joined a local group called Artists At Home.  They hold online exhibitions and a popular event held in June, where local artists, open their homes to the public and show their designs and works of art.

(click on the text above to take you to the website.)

You can view a great variety of many different crafts (and on the Artists at Home website, art,) on each of the websites.