Customization and Personalized jewellery

Jewellery is a product that can be easily customized, in terms of the sizing and adapting of different products, such as rings, necklaces and bracelets.

For example it is very common for rings to be resized if purchased as a gift.

If you have a favourite gem stone or colour this can be incorporated into a piece of beautiful jewellery and therefore the piece becomes personalized to you.

You may decide you would like a piece of jewellery adapted in some way, and may prefer gold plating to silver, or silver opposed to gold, all pieces of jewellery can be made in different coloured metals, and can even be tinted to a dark grey to black.

Engraving has increased in popularity in recent years, with a name, special date or phrase and this can be achieved on most items of jewellery including rings, bangles and other items.

Building a charm bracelet has great appeal and you can create a special piece, which becomes personal to you, with a range of charms, which have a strong meaning and story behind each piece, which has been added.

Old pieces of jewellery that you own can be revamped into the jewellery of your choice, gold can be recycled into new contemporary designs, gem stones can be given a new lease of life.  The options are broad, a pair of earrings could be transformed into a ring.  A pendant could be made into a pair of stud earrings.  Diamonds from a keepsake can be embellished into a necklace.


Would you like to create a personalized item of jewellery, if so this service is available through the website.  You can have charms created, different coloured gems added to a piece of jewellery and many other variations to the jewellery that is available.

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Three precious rings. The engraved cherish ring can be made with different words.