Cutlery is now being created alongside the collections of jewellery. The cutlery takes an alternative look at flatware.

The conceptual cutlery project, explores and reimagines cutlery into different forms and is inspired by the five senses of taste, smell, sight, touch and hearing. Each piece, which has been made, has a connection to one of the senses. The project is an exploration of how cutlery can be used and some of the pieces are hybrid forms, combining jewellery and cutlery together they are also pieces which can be worn.

The pieces are made in silver and incorporate traditional silversmithing techniques. One of the designs out of the collection has used 3D printing technology along with the lost wax casting process.

Cutlery has not changed for thousands of years and it has been great fun thinking of ideas to create cutlery in a contemporary context.

Ring forks and pincers made in silver
Ring cutlery, including a ring spoon and pincers along with a scent pin, to enhance the experience of eating.
Ring spoon shown worn and wavy ring fork
Image above shows Spoons, inspired by the senses of sound, smell and taste.
Silver knife bangle, straw, double spoon, spoon bracelet with detachable spoon and spoon bangle
Silver selection
Silver scoop, knife earrings and pincer pendants
Scent pins to enhance the experience of eating
Close up of the scent pins

Fork rings made in silver along with a wavy version. A 3D printed bangle in grey is also shown, which can be used as a food cruncher.