On the 10Th February 2020, I attended an event at the Watermans centre in Brentford, where Tale To Be Told Theatre (Teri Creaser and Kulraj Thethy,) Poetical Word and Leah Magoye took part in performances and Art Jar, created an interactive art installation.  The theme of the evening was identity crisis and everyone who took part explored these themes.  I had the opportunity to create an item of jewellery for Teri Creaser, who is a part of Tale To Be Told Theatre, for her performance.  Teri explored the themes of her background and upbringing.  Tale To Be Told Theatre also explore themes of Homelessness.

I decided to make a charm bracelet, with charms relating to the theme of the night, identity and the home was my personal focus.  I made charms relating to items that I have at home, a tiny box in the shape of a house, became a chunky charm, an ornament was also a source of inspiration as well as tiny suitcases based on a gift.  I also made an origami heart, based on a project of hearts I created for valentines day.  A pound symbol was also created linking in with Teri’s, theme of identity crisis.  It was great fun to make and it was lovely to see it being worn during one of the performances.

Teri wearing a charm bracelet that I made for the performance Identity Crisis
Another photo of actress Teri from Tale To Be Told Theatre.