This wonderful event begins today on the 24Th February until the 8Th March for two weeks and it highlights the importance of buying Fairtrade and the event, showcases how buying Fairtrade helps employee’s and the positive impact it has, on the lives of people who work with producing Fairtrade products such as Fairtrade chocolate and Fairtrade Gold.

With regards to Fairtrade gold, the initiative provides employees with a Fair wage and it helps the communities around the Fairtrade mines, raising standards of living and providing good health and safety.

Unfortunately many people who work in industries such as goldmining, work in very different circumstances, often in environments with a lack of health and safety and also earning a very low income.

Its amazing to see Fairtrade making such an important impact on the lives of people around the globe and its great to have the opportunity to celebrate this over the next two weeks. Lets celebrate.

Can be ordered in Fairtrade Gold