Fairtrade gold, leaving a positive legacy

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Recently Greg Valerio paid a visit to the JeDeCo Gallery to give a talk on Fairtrade silver and gold and also discussed the challenges around diamonds and traceable gem stones.  It was a full house with members of the JeDeCo collective in attendance as well as jewellery designers interested in understanding more about the subjects that Greg campaigns for.


One of the discussions was based around the problems of making diamonds more traceable, as there are currently no Fairtrade diamonds, even though some governments are investing in this area; this as yet has not been resolved.  One solution is to look into the supply chain and research where diamonds are sourced from.


Greg describes jewellery designers as being “change makers” and believes that if enough designers decide to buy Fairtrade silver and gold and to buy traceable gemstones this could pave the way for great and positive change.


“jewellers can have an impact on the environment and the lives of others.”

Buying Fairtrade metals eliminates mercury poisoning and gives the miners a better standard of living.  It also improves the well being of the miners and their families.  Over the last ten years there has been a very positive change and it has been demonstrated that traceability is possible.  The next step is to develop safe environments for mining gold in Africa.  Fairtrade Africa is currently funded by comic relief.


Currently the costs to buy Fairtrade gold and silver are now marginally more than regular silver and gold which makes it cost effective to buy.  To find out more about Fairtrade gold and silver visit: