Fairtrade fortnight has started. For this year the campaign is highlighting the climate crisis. The climate crisis is having a strong impact on the workers who work for Fairtrade. The message of the campaign is to raise awareness of this important issue and to address the problems arising and to take action.

Fairtrade is an amazing initiative that provides a fair wage for workers and their communities. It’s famous for its food products, however it does include Fairtrade Gold, which has been sourced from mines, who have certain regulations in place: raising the standard of living for the communities around the mines and providing a safe place to work. I have had a Fairtrade licence for sometime and have begun to make jewellery in this beautiful metal. The aim this year, is to create more pieces of jewellery in both 9 carat and 18 carat Fairtrade Gold.

All of the gold jewellery that has been created and which is shown on the website can be made in Fairtrade Gold as well as recycled gold. I look forward to working more in Fairtrade.