Being environmental and ethical is important to me and to my jewellery business. I also believe that the pursuit of best environmental and societal practice makes sound commercial sense. I feel that it is important to make a contribution as each miniscule step helps the future of the planet.

My aim is to provide my customers with the ethical and environmentally sound jewellery.

Policy Statement

My commitments towards this aim are:

  1. To minimise the use of studio chemicals as far as possible, and where necessary, prefer natural or more environmentally friendly alternatives and to have a duty of care in their disposal.
  2. To use fair trade stones, gold and platinum for hand made gold and platinum jewellery as well as recycled silver and gold, where possible.
  3. To reduce, reuse and recycle packaging as well as other materials such as paper, card, glass and plastics.
  4. To engage with the companies in my supply chain who provide me a service or whom I make purchases from, ensuring that I am dealing with suppliers and manufacturers who are also similarly committed to going green and have environmental policies in place.
  5. To encourage my studio management company to become greener by conserving energy and recycling materials.
  6. To manufacture and market my jewellery collections in the U.K, thereby reducing the carbon foot print of each piece as far as possible.
  7. To recycle all precious materials and base metals.
  8. To comply with all current and applicable legislation with respect the environment
  9. To communicate my environmental policy to customers, suppliers and other stakeholders and display my environmental commitments publicly on my website
  10. To use logistic companies that have a green policy
  11. To aim to have a green policy which is cyclical, from beginning to end, in terms of, from the making of the products, through to the packaging that is used, to the delivery to the customer.

I am committed to continually improving my environmental performance and keeping abreast of industry best-practice. I will periodically review my environmental policy and set targets for ongoing improvements.