Guest bloggers, Eva and Dreyla

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I currently have two students who have come from Paris to work with me, they will be writing a few guest posts while they are here on a variety of different topics.  Here is an introduction by Eva and Dreyla:


New guest Blogger Eva Devers

Currently working as a work placement student for Farah Qureshi, jewellery.


I currently study international business in Paris.  I decided to go into this sector as I would like to consider the art market as a career option.  Both of my parents are independent photographers so I grew up in a rather bohemian home in Paris.  My parents passed on their affection for art and showed me a creative culture.  They showed me this universe which was of interest to me from an early age.  I like all aspects of artistic expression: photography, literature, painting, film, sculpture, music, jewellery, fashion etc.

I also have a deep passion for Japan.  The history and culture of this particular country fascinates me.  This great interest has widened to include various East Asian cultures.  I would like to visit and discover other places and the different cultures there. Traveling is an enriching experience.  I try to travel as much as I can.  Its really important to me.  My trips have given me an insight to different cultures and societies specific to each place.

“One of my strong beliefs is that art and the culture can be easily accessible and do not belong only to a few people.  Especially since the digital revolution.  Now people who are curious about art can easily discover more about the subject, develop their artistic interests and increase their desire to learn or deepen their knowledge in a particular field”


New guest blogger

Dreyla Makaya

Currently a work placement student at Farah Qureshi. jewellery

Hi everyone

my name is Dreyla and I’m twenty years old.  I have been studying international trade in Paris since October 2014 and I am on a undergraduate program.  As part of my course, I am on a placement in London for several weeks.  It is an internship with a London jewellery design company called “Farah Qureshi, designer jewellery.”   The shop, that Farah shares is based at Oxo Tower wharf, you must come to visit, as the surrounding area is very interesting and its in a lovely location (especially if you are keen on great views, art and unusual designer items, as I am.)

I have a keen interest in art and fashion, but more specifically in fashion since my mom allowed me to chose what clothes I wanted to wear when I was around seven or eight years old.  As we all know London has its own style of fashion, but its always elegant.  Its a fashion style that I love and that you can recognise amongst thousands.  This is one of the reasons that I came to London.  One of the other reasons is that I have family who have lived here a for a long time.  It’s not my first visit to London, but each time I’m here I feel like there are still many things I haven’t seen.  There are many things to see, such as museums and galleries, such as Tate modern and the Victoria and Albert museum: or areas like Soho, Camden Town and East London.

I also have an interest in music.  I can listen to jazz, soul, hip hop, house, electro and some pop or rock.  I also love dancing.

My stay here will be the longest period I have ever spent away from home and it will be great to be independent and it will be a great learning experience that I will embrace as much as possible.