How to clean pearl jewellery

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I have recently produced a collection of jewellery which incorporates pearls, this has led me to research how pearls are cared for, as pearls are quite a soft stone.The research was done through the internet and through talking to Wards stone dealers.  When wearing pearls it is important when putting perfume and hairspray on to avoid the pearls.  It is a good idea to put the perfume and hairspray on, ten minutes before putting on the jewellery.  When you are ready to clean the pearl jewellery, the pieces can be immersed in luke warm water, not hot water as this can disrupt any glue that has been used.  A mild detergent such a washing up liquid or baby shampoo is good to use to clean pearls.  These can be used with a soft clothe.  If the metal around the pearls is becoming tarnished a jewellery clothe with the polish imbedded can be wiped over the jewellery and if the polish is still on the jewellery when finished, the jewellery can be rinsed in luke warm water.  The jewellery clothe can be used on both matt and shiny jewellery.