Huguenot skills day at the Huguenot festival

On the 20Th October, I will be taking part in a group event at Hanbury Hall, which is a beautiful historic building in E1.  The address is:

22 Hanbury street


E1 6LY

The event is celebrating the Huguenot’s history of crafts, which they brought to the United Kingdom, when they escaped persecution in France for their religion.  The craftspeople showcasing their work, including myself will be demonstrating crafts, such as jewellery and stained glass, which will be demonstrated by Zoe Angle.  The crafts demonstrations will be a contemporary interpretation.  Although the skills do actually go back in history.  The Huguenots dispersed from France to many different countries such as the USA, South Africa and the U.K.  The Huguenots were very skilled and created many beautiful artifacts.  I look forward to being there at the event and it would be great to see you there too.  There will also be crafts for sale and the event takes place between:

11am until 4pm.


Here are a few examples of the Huguenots art and crafts.