I Do Hand Made

Events organiser, I Do Handmade, are launching a wonderful new event.  They are currently collaborating with Hounslow Council and are launching an inaugural arts and crafts event in Brentford called BAM, which stands for Boston Manor Market.  The event starts on the 23Rd September 2023 on Saturday within Boston Manor Park.

Timing of the wonderful new event

The day starts at 11.00am and finishes at 5.00pm.  The event has been curated, and local artists and designers will be showcasing their products.  I will also be there with a selection of jewellery that I design and make in my studio in Alperton.   There will be a range of different price points and I will be showing  my silver ranges, which are inspired by many sources.  The emphasis is the ethical and sustainable side of the business as well as the designs.

Other activities taking place

There will also be activities taking place on the day, these include an artistic creation by the Crick Crack Club, who have a stall of items, which are not for sale.  It sounds very intriguing and I look forward to seeing the display.  The errant typewriter will also be there and will be typing works of art.  The artist is Keira Rathbone and Kiera takes part in several events in London.

Visitors will also be able to take part in workshops on a first come basis and these include stencil screen printing and learning how to make a lavender bag.  There is also the opportunity to see Boston Manor House which is now open to the public.  This is also on a first come basis.

Wonderful new event starting.

BAM starting on the 23/09/2023

Boston Manor Park

Boston Manor Park is a beautiful park, which has recently had funding to develop the infrastructure.  The heritage house (Boston Manor House) is housed within the park, has been renovated (and is from the Jacobean era).  The Jimmy Choo fashion school has also recently opened, in the park.  The fashion school has full time courses and I think a few part time courses.  It is currently taking part in London Fashion Week.

There is also a new cafe called the potting shed, which is a fabulous place for a hot drink and a break.  The revolving wardrobe will be there, with a clothes swap event, they also have a shop at the loft in Hounslow.

I used to live very near to the park and at the time it was one of the highlights of the area.  It’s a park, which has different areas including a woodland area, meadow and a small lake, it is a real nature trail.  It’s a great space to walk around and it’s good that a sparse area within the park, now houses the new B A M event.

Supporting local artists and designers

Boston Manor Park is based in West London in Brentford, which is an area which is currently going through regeneration.  There are new flats being built in the area and there will also be new shops as well based by the river Thames.  The new, I do hand made pop up event is set to be a regular feature in West London and endeavours to support local creatives.

Poster which promotes a new arts and crafts market.

I do hand made pop up coming to Boston Manor Park

Hounslow is one of the creative zones in London and it’s good to see events in the area which are supporting small indie businesses.  The creative zones have been created by the mayor of London and they endeavour to protect the art and crafts of the city during a time of increasing costs within the metropolis.