My latest piece of jewellery, is a pair of  leaf earrings. This new piece of jewellery is inspired by an ancient mulberry tree.   The tree is 350 years old and is housed at Hogarth House. The wonderful historic house is in west London. I took inspiration from the leaves of the tree. The leaves have lovely curved shapes, which vary across the tree. The piece of jewellery is a symbol of hope and continuity. The ancient tree has survived 350 years and is still thriving. During the current pandemic, nature is also seen to be flourishing. In London the skies are bluer and  wildlife can be seen in the parks and by the river Thames.

Earrings created inspired by the tree

The earrings are made using recycled silver and use a technique called reticulation. Its a lovely technique and gives the silver a crinkled textural quality. There is also an urban tree festival taking place at the moment.  The mulberry tree project ties in with this  festival and celebrates its own tree. 

Its important for my business to be sustainable and to use both recycled materials and Fairtrade gold.  The worlds resources are so important and it is important to consider those resources for the future of the planet.  Eco friendly jewellery can help the environment, by having less impact.  It also helps the communities who source precious metals.    The people who work in Fairtrade mines work in safe conditions and there is less impact on the environment.  This is in stark contrast to other mines, where the miners often work,  in hazardous conditions.  This in turn has an impact on the environment

Hogarth House

Currently on social media you can see artist responses to the mulberry tree.  Different media is used incorporating different techniques: such as painting, collage and printing.  You can see the on-line exhibition at:


on Instagram.

Hogarth house is undergoing a redevelopment and will be opening later in the year.  You can learn more about the house on the website which is:

The earrings can be made to order and you can contact:

for further information.  You can also order matching jewellery based on the mulberry leaves.

The image is of a hand holding a pair of mulberry leaves earrings.  The earrings are made of textured silver.  The earrings are inspired by an ancient Mulberry tree which is based at Hogarth House in West London.
Inspired by a Mulberry Tree, at Hogarth House in London