It’s all about the pearls

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Pearls are a symbol of wealth, good luck and purity.

History of pearls

Pearls have always been considered to be an item of high value especially natural pearls, which are very rare, as it is quite unusual to have a strand of natural pearls which are matching.  Nowadays pearls are mass produced and are thought to be more accessible and affordable.  Before the 1900’s pearls were known to adorn royalty and the very wealthy.  During the Roman empire, pearls were coveted.  It is thought that the love of pearls originated in India and China also has a long history of pearls.  In Egypt mother of pearl was used in 4200 BC.  Persia also has a history of pearls dating back to the 5Th century.  In Arabia there was a passion for pearls historically.

Pearls were later discovered in America and these were then shipped to Europe.  In Japan Kokichi Mikimoto discovered how to make cultured pearls and he joined forces with Nishikawa to develop these.  Cultured pearls have now superseded natural pearls in terms of production.

There are several types of pearls, Akoya pearls from Japan, South Sea pearls from Australia and S.E Asia and Thaitian pearls from Polynesia.

Currently pearls are still very popular and fashionable.  Pearls are also popular for weddings.  Above a certain size pearls can command a high price.  There are many different colours and they can suit everyone, from people who prefer the more traditional styles to the cutting edge.

Silver and grey buton pearls