It is so important to keep our jewellery clean, especially during the pandemic.  There is a very a very simple way.  When carried out on a regular basis it will keep our jewellery sparkling.  I have taken inspiration, from a very interesting blog post and video seen on the website:

On the website you can read an in-depth study of bacteria, that builds up on different types of jewellery and watches.  There is a very interesting video too.


Very simply, you can leave an item of jewellery, such as a ring, in a small tub of warm soapy solution.  This can be left for around thirty minutes.  The soapy solution can be a washing up liquid, which is mild.  With a soft toothbrush, you can brush around the item.   For example if this is a ring, you can brush around all sides of the jewellery.  Using a soft toothbrush will ensure that the jewellery will not become scratched.  After the first stage you can dip the jewellery into a new solution of warm water and a mild soap, once again.  You can then dry the jewellery with a soft clothe and finally you can steam the item, from a distance, using the spout of a boiling kettle.

This will ensure that your jewellery will be super clean.  If you wear a ring all of the time, you can do this every week.