At the start of the new year, I was named as one of the 100 F:Entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom for 2021.  It’s fantastic to have been given this particular award, especially during the pandemic.  As well as being a part of the F:Entrepreneur campaign and award, I am a part of the  ialso community.  Ialso relates to the f-entrepreneur award, as all of the women chosen have additional roles, which are carried out in conjunction with running a business.

Here are a few words from the F-entrepreneur team.

“Farah Qureshi is being showcased alongside 100 female entrepreneurs from across the U.K, as part of the campaigns recognition of the multi-achievements of women that have proved critical to society during the Covid 19 pandemic.  Now in its fourth year, F-entrepreneur was launched in 2017, to highlight amazing female role models.”