Latest events (coming up soon.)

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This Winter there will be a few events taking place, which is exciting.  I recently went to Berlin for the setting up of a show called Kults, the show is on until the end of November 2014.  The exhibition takes place in a jewellery showroom and the address is:

10317 Berlin, Weitlingstrasse 30.

The second exhbition will be with the House of Jewellers and takes place at the Made London show in Marylebone , the show is on from the 24Th October until the 26Th October 2014 and the address is:


One Marylebone, NW1 4AQ

In November, I will be taking part in Sieraad, a jewellery show in Amsterdam, from the 6TH until the 9Th November 2014 and will also be taking part in the Desire show, with the house of jewellers, at the Guildhall in Winchester from the 7Th until the 9Th November 2014.


Also in November , leading up to Christmas, I will be showcasing jewellery at JeDeCo, a jewellery gallery at Oxo Tower in London by the Southbank.