Latest News For September 2016

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I have received exciting news from two different applications which is great.  I have applied for the Hounslow Business awards and have heard that I am a finalist for Green Business of the year, which is very exciting and will be interviewed in the near future.  I have also heard that I have a place on the Smallbiz100, which is fantastic.  Good to be a part of the campaign, which leads up to small business Saturday on the 3Rd December 2016.  There is a day allocated to each of the 100 and on the day, there is an extensive pr campaign around each of the 100 businesses.  For both of the awards there are balls at the Hilton.  Already there has been PR for the smallbiz100 on-line in the Guardian, where there is an article which highlights a few of the 100 businesses and all of the winners are listed, which is great news.

There is a blue tie ball for Smallbiz100 at the Hilton Bankside and the ceremony for the Hounslow business awards will be at the Hilton at Syon Park in west London.

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