London Jewellery Week (an overview)

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I recently had the opportunity to participate in London Jewellery week  this year and took part in a one day show at Chelsea Old Town Hall where I showcased my work with a new fair called Luxe Buy Me.  It was a excellent marketing exercise as I was able to show my jewellery on both the London Jewellery Week website and on the newly formed Luxe Buy Me website as well.

I was also able to visit some of the other events taking part during the week.  The first event I went to was the Jewellery Show.  This was a two day trade fair and took place at Somerset House.  This was a lovely contemporary event and one of the highlights was seeing a beautiful catwalk show.  The event is set to expand for the future, and the timing of the show seems to be good for buyers thinking ahead to the next season.  There were lots of very large jewellery companies there and in the future it would be good to see more independent designer jewellers as well.  When I arrived at the show there were lots of visitors, which was positive.

The next show I saw was called Fourteen Carat and this show took place in Crafts Centrals gallery space.  The space was just the right size for the fourteen jewellers taking part and there were visitors taking a keen interest in the show.  I also popped down to see JEDECO’S space at the corner shop in Clerkenwell and a number of members had their work on show for the event.  It was good to see that both the shop and gallery space was being utilised for Jewellery Week.

Wendy Ramshaw had an exhibition at Somerset House, which I popped into while in the area and there was a great selection of art jewellery to see.

The final show I visited was Treasure.  I took part in Treasure in 2009 and had a stand at a show in Bloomsbury and the following year showed a few new pieces at the Jewellery Connections pod, again in Bloomsbury.  I was curious to see the new venue at Somerset House.  The event looked very polished and the catalogue given at the entrance looked stylish and I really liked the way the jewellers were put into different categories.  There was  a fine jewellery area, designer section and many others.  It really helped with navigating around the show.  The work on show was as always very contemporary and cutting edge.

Goldsmiths show was also on during Jewellery Week although I understand it was running as an independent show.  Overall there was a lot to see, and it was more accessible this year as some of the larger shows were in one space.


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