Love knots for Valentines Day

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Valentines love knot

A love knot symbolises “true love” and it comprises of a double knot which shows the connection between a couple, being joined in a relationship.  A heart shape is universally known as a symbol of love however in ancient times the love knot has special meaning.

There are lots of variations of love knots, however one example is of two overhand knots or as it is also known, a fisherman knot.  They can also be reef knots, granny knots and square knots.

In the past sailors separated by loved ones would wear a double ring, which moved and this symbolised the unity of a couple, even though the sailors were separated, when at sea.

The Algerian love knot goes back to a time when people believed in the magical properties of knots.  This love knot was created using three or more knots, which were intertwined.  Arabic love knots were also created as a means of secret communication between lovers sending messages to each other.

In Celtic times the square Celtic knot symbolised love and commitment and originates in Scotland.  The Celtic love knots could be used to propose marriage.  It is also a pattern that is used on wedding rings.  The beginnings of love knots can be traced back to pagan times.



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