I had a wonderful opportunity to design and make a piece inspired by children’s graphic posters created for Hounslow Means, a celebration of living within the borough of Hounslow.
The piece of artwork was then shown at a live event on Bell Square within the Borough.   USA artist Paul Ramirez created the live art event called Make A Promise.


“How serious are the promises we make to one another?  What is the power of words”



The event was interactive and encouraged passers by to make a promise, which was then put onto paper and published on a billboard.

The piece created was shown on two tables and people had the opportunity to make a promise using one of the pieces or other artefacts on the table.  It was lovely to go to the event and to participate as well.

The work is a ballon which is in two parts, it is made of brass and is silver plated.  There are motifs in the work, which include people, a house, a teapot and a cup of tea, nature imagery, the sun, and more.