Social Media Campaigns

This year, all of a sudden there are a few great campaigns which are starting on social media.

The campaigns are supporting indie businesses for the run up to Black Friday and one is supporting creative business up to Christmas.

All are a fantastic way to reach a new audience and to tell people about alternatives to mass produced goods. Highlighting small businesses helps in a variety of different ways. For example, boosting sales, creating a presence on social media and forging a brands, values.

Colour Friday

The first marketing opportunity is Colour Friday, which has been founded by Holly Tucker, this is a wonderful alternative to the commercialised Black Friday and encourages people to shop from local indie businesses in the United Kingdom. This year this takes place on the 25Th November 2022.

“Carbon emissions generated from Black Friday online sales alone are equivalent to 215 flights from London to Sydney.”

Supporting indie businesses, in this instance is kinder to the environment. Shopping from a small business also supports, indie businesses during a time, when half of all SME’s are concerned about their future.

Indie Week 2022

The week from the 21St November to the 25Th November 2022 is also Indie Week. A campaign founded by Just A Card. It is another great campaign to join, in the run up to Black Friday, again this another fantastic campaign which, supports small businesses, when times are so precarious.

The third campaign is a campaign called:

Buy Less, Buy Better, Buy Handmade

It is a collaborative project from a variety of craft organisations, including CC, HCA, GNCCF and CF. Jay Blades, Keith Brymer Jones and Sue Pryke are supporting the campaign. This campaign runs all the way up to Christmas.

It would be wonderful, if the is the start of a new 21st Century, renaissance and cultural shift away from mass produced goods and instead highlighting, craft businesses and other small SME’s, selling items to treasure.