One of the parts of the work that I do, which is very enjoyable is working with customers on commissions.  It is a process which goes from an initial idea through to a finished piece of jewellery.  The process is very creative and begins with a series of drawings capturing what a customer would like in term’s  of a piece of jewellery.  For example, with regards to a recent project.  I created a necklace with decorative detailing, recycling moonstones from the early 1900’s which had originally been used for a necklace, which had become broken.  The moonstones were removed and another necklace was created inspired by the henna work of south Asia.  It was decided that gold would be used which would compliment the beautiful iridescent blues in the moonstones.  The design evolved through the sketching process until the customer was happy and then the making process began.  The pendant was the first step of the process and the necklace soon followed after.

Here are a few images of some of the sketches and finished piece too.


Sketches of different ideas

Final finished piece with chandelier drop pendant on necklace