Recently I decided to learn more about 3D printing.   It’s a project that I wanted to carry out for some time. I collaborated with a designer called Nadine Rutt. Nadine designed a range of jewellery boxes for my business; while Nadine was at University.  The designs look great.

The packaging involves using a 3D printer to create the shapes for the boxes. The designs complement my work beautifully. The aim was to have the boxes cast into a material, which is ethical and sustainable. I would like to cast into metal, however the boxes would be way too heavy. So the perfect material is PLA which is a material which biodegrades over time.

Luckily there are facilities, where I have been able to practice, I went to Create Space London, where you can take part in a short induction course and then use the equipment available. Create Space London are based in the borough of Brent.   They have artists studios and run art courses during the week.  I learnt the process of using the 3D printers that are on the site.

I was excited to see the results, which have now been put into production. Its great to have packaging which is different from the traditional designs and which involve innovative processes.

The project has now been delegated and the boxes are being printed by a company in Spain.  I am very pleased with the results.  The packaging is available for high end pieces on request.