On my travels- Beautiful Norway

One of the things I enjoy doing besides making Jewllery is traveling to different places and being inspired by the beauty of the different countries that I visit.  Most recently I went to Norway and briefly to Scotland.  While in Norway I went to the North Cape, which was amazing, it is the furthest point in Europe.  It was a rainy day while travelong there and the landscape under the grey clouds was stunning.  As it was quite cold and misty at the Northcape, I explored the centre based there.  Down at the base of the building,  are caves which have a light show of he northern lights during the different seasons.  It really gives a good account of how the northern lights are,  I have been to Norway a few times now and have yet to see the northern. Lights.  I also went to visit some marble caves on another day, which were also amazing.  Very atmosphereic and there is an area where people can eat with chandeliers above.  Visiting the fliords was also lovely and going up into the mountains was very scenic.  I also went on a tour in Bergen on a bright sunny day and on my last day in Norway, spent the day visiting galleries and seeing the art of Munch.  I also went on a quick tour to learn more about the artist.

On my travels.
While in a hotel in the mountains, with preserved animals.
Beautiful scenic views of Norway.
Up in the mountains in Norway..
In the marble caves a seating area with chandeliers.
Taken while in Scotland