On My Travels- Greenland

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A while ago I had the amazing opportunity to visit Greenland.  I have always been interested in the Inuit culture from a very young age, so it was a good opportunity to learn more while I was there.  It was also fascinating to see the landscape of the island, and the buildings.  As the island is owned by Denmark it was also great to see the architecture of the region as well.

Greenland seems to be a harsh place to live as the centre of the island is not so habitable, the weather at the time that I visited seemed fairly warm and there are icebergs doted around the ocean, which made for great natural ice sculptures.  The coastline was quite rugged and beautiful in its own way. Here are a few images from my visit.

Sculptural icebergs
Beautiful blue skies and water
Snow capped rocks
Plant life amongst the rocks
Pretty view of the island
Indigenous art
Great carved faces
Warm day in Greenland
Beautiful building against the blue sky
views of Greenland
buildings among the landscape