On My Travels: Mission to Dubai

This year I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Dubai to gain an understanding of the business landscape via a business mission through Enterprise Nation, an organization who give support to growing businesses in the U.K and have a website which provides educational resources.



Although the focus of the mission was to attend educational seminars on a variety of different topics, on the last day in the evening, there was the opportunity to explore the center of Dubai.  It was great to be able to stand beneath the tallest building in the world and to see a fountain display, which moved to the sound of music.

The shopping malls are important for those who live in the country.  As it becomes extremely hot in the Summer up to 50c, therefore the malls provide respite to the heat.  It was great to visit the Dubai mall, which is huge and to see the designer shops.  One striking feature of this mall is a huge aquarium, which has sharks moving peacefully around with other tropical fish.  Another feature is a man made waterfall.

It was exciting to visit Dubai, which for me was like visiting a space age city, with unusually designed sky rise buildings.  There were more traditional designs as well, which are executed in a simple modern style.

It was also good to visit during the lead up to Dubai’s day of independence and had the opportunity to see a festival celebrating the occasion, with demonstrations of the application of henna work and other crafts.