Polishing silver jewellery

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Basic tips for polishing silver at home.

When taking off the tarnish from silver there are different methods that can be used.  One very simple way is to use a silver clothe, which has polish imbedded into it.  You can rub the clothe over jewellery and it will polish up the silver.  You can wash the item with luke warm water after to remove any residue of polish, if necessary.

Another item which is good to use is a product called Silvo, which comes in a tin. The tin contains wadding which has a polish contained within the wadding and as with the polishing clothe you rub the wadding over the metal to bring up the shine.

A jewellery dip for silver is an alternative way to clean off tarnish from silver.  You submerge the silver jewellery into a basket and leave for a few minutes within the solution, the solution will brighten the metal.  (Its always good to check the instructions as the chemical is quite strong.)

If you wrap your silver jewellery into a soft clothe after wearing the items this will deter oxidisation for some time.