At the end of April, I spent a week at a working residency at an institution called Mediamatic in Amsterdam.

I decided to travel by Eurostar as I am trying to be more conscious about travel choices and am going for net zero by 2030. Eurostar happens to be a very sustainable way of traveling.

Mediamatic is a creative space and I went there to meet with collaborators in a up and coming project.  The project will take place at the Watermans centre in October and will be revealed in a blog post soon.  It was also a week of experimentation and learning, here are a couple of quotes from the organisation:

“We organise lectures, workshops and art projects, focusing on nature, biotechnology and art and science in a strong international network.”

“We are interested in how art, design and science merge.”

During the residency I learned about fine art combined with cookery. It makes for an exciting combination. The cooks on the residency experimented with combining edible plants creating innovative dishes.

At Medimatic there is an aroma lab and I also had the opportunity to learn about aroma and creating perfume. This was an educational day which was taught by experts in the field and two came from an art and design background and one from a science background.

While at the residency I also learnt about a medieval feminist icon and took part in design related research, which will inspire a future personal project.

Amsterdam was in Lockdown for most of my stay as the situation regarding coronavirus was quite serious at the time. It was great to be able to go away for work and to meet an international group of people: after having a year of staying locally in London mainly in a bubble.