At the moment I am taking part in a variety of different showcases in and around London and slightly further afield in Surrey.  I recently joined the North Surrey Group of the Society of Designer Craftsmen.  The SDC are a U.K wide group, who promote and celebrate hand made crafts through exhibitions and events in London.  More can be seen on the SDC website.  Last month I took part in an exhibition in Walton on Thames, a beautiful area in Surrey with a lively arts centre.   There were some fabulous original crafts on show, which will also be shown, at the next exhibition at the Borneside Gallery in Dorking.  Please refer to my previous blog post on this show.

Here are some examples of work that were on show and will be on show at the show in Dorking with the North Surrey group of the Society of Designer Craftsmen.

Imahiko Kawamura
Alex Duncan
Anne Biss
Anna Bingham
Jewellery selection made in sterling ethical silver