I was very excited to hear that I have been featured in an article, which  focuses on craftswomen, from a B.A.M.E background.

The magazine who has published the article is the New Issue, The New Issue is a stylish magazine with great articles. It is a part of the Big Issue and all profits go towards helping the homeless, who also sell the big issue.

“All profit from every sale and subscription supports people”

I am very proud to be shown alongside such talented women who include: textile designer, Amarah Alexandra.  Textiles designer Majeda Clarke.  Textiles designer, Kajal Nisha Patel.  Leather and fashion accessories designer, Jasmine Carey.  Designer Amber Khokbar;  jewellery designer Rita Patel and textile and collage designer Onome Otite.

Its quite a rarity for an article like this to be published in the United Kingdom; which focus’s on designers, who are also people of colour. I hope that this will be addressed in the publications industry.  It would be wonderful to see many more articles featuring people from diverse backgrounds, in the future.

” speaking out against the descrimination they’ve faced and calling for the industry to change.”

I also hope, in my life time to see many changes within the crafts industry; where designers of colour often feel marginalised and on the outside or on the fringes of the craft world.

Karen Patel, who is also mentioned in the article is working to address and tackle racism, within crafts. You can read more about her project at:

Supporting diversity in crafts

It would be great to see people from a B.A.M.E background integrated into professional jobs and into roles of leadership.  Currently it is common across many industries, for people of colour, to not be represented.

2020 has shone a light onto the inequalities, marginalised groups face.  Covid 19 has shown that people from the B.A.M.E community have been disproportionally effected by the  illness.  Many work in front line roles, where they are more vulnerable to the illness.  The death of George Floyd in the U.S by a policeman, has ignited protests across the globe.  Many pledges have been made and it would be good to see these implemented.


One of the pages from the New Issue article on B.A.M.E Craftswomen
One of my pieces inside the New Issue