The peoples crown is part of a collaborative project, with Tale Be Told Theatre.  The project is funded and supported by the Summer Of Culture, a local initiative.  For the project, I decided to create a table piece, which can be shown in a variety of different ways.  It can be arranged to look like a crown or can be shown in a more abstract manner.


The peoples crown is inspired by, the Queen’s Jubilee, Kings Coronation, regal crowns  

and the community and their efforts over the last few years.  It marks a celebration of the local residents and their coming together to help those in need.


The table piece, is comprised of different segments.  Each separate piece, celebrates different ways the local community has helped others, through the use of symbols.  For example there is a section, which has discs adorning one of the structures, the discs symbolise cash, which was donated to good causes, helping those struggling, especially during the pandemic.  Other areas being celebrated are: those who helped with computers and technology, teachers helping disadvantaged children, communication and support for those isolated, those who have provided art and performance and sporting activities.

Exhibition coming soon.

The piece is made in silver and will be exhibited locally in May 2023.  Tale Be Told Theatre, have been busy putting together a beautiful storytelling piece, with audio, from the local residents.  The two elements will be brought together for the exhibition.  More details will follow shortly.


Here is a snapshot of the peoples crown and an in progress image.