This week I will be taking part in two mini pop up events in Chiswick in West London.  The first event will be at a venue called Groundworks.  Groundworks is in a beautiful building which houses businesses and Groundworks a co-working space, which is on the lower ground level.  I will be there on Wednesday 7Th December 2022, between 12-pm and 2pm.  This is very much a lunch time pop up.  Great for those working or living in the area.  The address of the venue is:

114 Power Road, London,W4, 5PY.

I will be bringing a small selection of jewellery for display and items which will be great for gifts for Christmas or for a lunch time treat.  I am looking forward to the event as it gives me the opportunity to showcase popular collections and its always good fun to be there.

The second event of the week will be on. Thursday 8Th December 2022.  The venue is called Barley Mow, which is a workspace for businesses.  The times for the Christmas shopping event is from 12-4pm.  The address is:

9 Barley Mow Passage, Chiswick, London, W4, 4PH

This is the first time I am showcasing jewellery at this venue, alongside up to twenty other businesses.  There will be crafts on show alongside food and other Christmas gift ideas.  All of the other businesses are local to West London and there will be a great festive atmosphere on the day.

Farah Qureshi Fine Jewellery Designer and Maker Barbed silver hoop earrings