Valentines day (a look at how the day is celebrated internationally.)

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I have recently been researching the topic of Valentines day on the internet and came across some interesting facts regarding the celebration across different continents.  In Europe and Australia the day is celebrated through giving cards along with gifts such as flowers, jewellery or chocolates.  In America love heart sweets with words are very popular.  In Japan there are two Valentines day’s one is on 14Th February , where females give chocolates and the second day is called White Day and is in March where males give sweets.  In China the opposite happens.

Valentines day in certain countries in the Middle East is banned and this has led to an underground movement where the day is celebrated in secret, flowers are ordered in advance and are delivered in secret.  In Africa the romantic day is generally celebrated by more well off people.  However Valentines day does help certain economies, as coca beans are grown which creates the majority of chocolates and millions of flowers are grown for the romantic day.  In Brazil there is a day of romance, which is in June on the 12Th and gifts are exchanged between couples.  The  12Th June is the day before St Antony’s day (St Antony is known as the marriage saint.)  Valentines day is celebrated on 20Th September in Colombia.

A day of romance is celebrated throughout the world and often during a variety of different days, which shows that days of romance are increasingly popular, which is great.