Valentines Month

As this is the month where Valentines day is celebrated , I wanted to look into  themes of romance and love.


In the ancient classics there are many legends, Cupid is a well known figure in mythology and is considered to be one of the romantic gods in the classics.  He is known as the god of desire, attraction and affection.  Cupid is said to be the son of Venus and Mars, (the god of war.)  Cupid is shown in many guises and often, is shown as a chubby boy, who carries a bow and arrow.

Cupids Arrow

There are many tales based around the God of love.  One of my favourites are the stories around the bow and arrow, Cupid holds.  He would use two types of arrow.  One would have a tip of gold and the other has a tip of lead.  If people are struck by the golden tipped arrow, they would be overcome by desire and passion.  If they are, on the other hand, struck by an arrow with a lead tip, they would develop an aversion to love and would flee from this.  Cupid is also shown with wings and this symbolises the flighty nature of love and attraction.