There is a folklore which states that the 14Th February, famously known as Valentines Day, started with a poem by the 14Th Century poet Chaucer. Chaucer wrote about birds coming together on Valentines Day to find a mate.

“For this was on Saint Valentines day
When every fowl comes there his mate to take,”

This was the beginnings of the day of love, celebrated globally several centuries later.

Here’s another section of the poem.

“The assay so hard, so sharp the conquering,
The fearful joy that slips away in turn,
All this mean I by love, that my feeling
Astonishes with its wondrous working
So fiercely that when I on love do think
I know not well whether I float or sink”

The poem is called, The Parliament of Fowles. It’s great to think that Valentines day began with a poem and is so popular today.

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