Viking festival, Norway

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During the Summer, I had the opportunity to visit Norway during a rare heatwave.  Norway is a beautiful country and while travelling along the Fjords, by chance I came across a Viking festival.  This particular festival is a recreation of a viking village and depicts the life of the people during the era of the Vikings.  Wooden constructions are built and the inhabitants are dressed in the clothes of the time.

I was interested to see forged work taking place.  The heat required to shape the metal was created by using bellows and charcoal and was fascinating to see.

Forging metal


I also had the opportunity to see how food was cooked using a cauldron, in this case it was porridge.

Cooking porridge


There was a stall producing Viking medicines made from herbs and plants.  The atmosphere of the village was very pleasant and welcoming and reminded me a little of festivals that take place during current times.

image of statue taken along the fjords.