Visits to East Germany

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It has been a great experience to visit East Germany for the first time, on two occasions this year.  The first visit was to a coastal town called Warnemunde, a pretty quiet town a few hours away from Berlin.  I spent some time, discovering the surroundings and taking in the rays of sunshine.




east germany


Last month I went to Berlin to take part in an exhibition called Kults. The showcase was held in a jewellery shop and three international designers had been invited to participate along with the owner of the company, Norbert and his team.  Berlin is a fascinating city.  I went into the centre of the city to explore the museums and art galleries.  One of the buildings I found very interesting, was the new Synagogue in the city centre: a beautiful building which had been destroyed in the war and recreated with fragments of the former building placed along the walls.  The museum quarter of the city is very majestic with grand buildings standing side by side.  I also had the opportunity to see where the former Berlin wall had been, which was fascinating, the area looks completely different now.  It was also very interesting to hear how life was like in the city, when the wall was in existence. Would be great to go back there to explore more.