Weddings and Anniversaries

As the wedding season traditionally starts in March, I have been looking into the tradition of celebrating each anniversary with a gift.  It’s such a lovely gesture and makes each year special to celebrate it in this way.  For each year of a marriage there is a different material, for the first year its paper and the second year is cotton, the third year is leather and fourth year fruit and flowers.   The tradition harks back to Roman times.

I was interested to see that metal appears in the form of bronze for the eighth year and either tin or aluminum for the tenth year of marriage.  Steel is the material to give for the eleventh year, silver for year twenty five and gold for being married for fifty years.

Gem stones are also on the list for anniversary presents.  Crystal is celebrated on the fifteenth year of marriage, pearls for year thirty, coral for the thirty fifth year, rubies at year forty, sapphires at year forty five, emeralds at year fifty five and diamonds for sixty years of marriage.

There is an extensive list on Wilipedia and this varies around the world.  There is also a list for flowers to give each year and a list just for gemstones.  For example mother of pearl for the first year and garnets for the second year and different gems leading up to the sixty fifth year of being married.


pearls are on the list for anniversary gifts and for the tradition to give a different material each year.