Covid 19 

We are now coming out of lockdown.  Covid 19 has seen many weddings postponed and many delays.  However the good news is, the wedding season is starting again. The guest lists are set to be much smaller as guidelines are still in place. Autumn and Winter weddings are predicted to be popular; and the time between Christmas and the new year, is a wonderful time for a wedding.


Jewellery Trends

 Regarding jewellery trends for weddings, there are a few which are proving popular. The Art Deco trend, which has been popular, is set to continue. This style is ideal for engagement rings. In addition, the Art Deco style is classical and beautiful and will make great modern heirlooms.  Also cushion cut gemstones, perfect for engagement rings are fashionable. If you are looking for alternatives, hexagon shapes are on trend. There is also a great choice regarding gemstones, from colourful precious gems through to icy white diamonds. There are also pretty coloured diamonds too. Yellow gold is having a moment and looks great across all carats including: 9 carat, 14 carat and eighteen carat gold. Bridal jewellery, such as long dangling earrings and fine pendants, also look perfect for the big day. If you prefer a white metal, platinum, is a great classic and has durability.  Contact:

for any enquiries regarding both wedding and engagement rings.


There has been a rise in couples shopping for their wedding rings and engagement ring together.  This ensures that the choice is right for both partners. As mentioned in Vogue magazine.  This makes shopping for the rings a very special occasion.  As both partners are involved in the choice.


Wedding Outfits

Regarding what to wear over a wedding dress, capes are on point.  They look super stylish and make a real statement.  They are ideal for the cooler times of year and a great way to wrap up.  A great alternative to a cape are hand painted; personalised leather and denim jackets.  These are fabulous for the alternative bride, as they are both stylish and different.

A focus on sleeves, on the wedding dress also looks very elegant and modern.  This is also a popular trend .  Another top trend are veils which make a statement.  These are a classical feature of a wedding and the latest designs can be stunning.  These are great as heirlooms too.  Jumpsuits and wearing trousers are a growing trend and make a great alternative to a wedding dress.  They also look very contemporary.  Also practical for the cooler seasons.  (As mentioned in Hitched on-line.)


Brides and grooms are focusing on ethics and sustainability, as this is increasing in importance.  For instance, this can include using ethical materials for the wedding jewellery and and ethical gemstone too.   Living plants are another growing trend, which sounds wonderful and can be an imaginative alternative.  For example, using plants, which will last beyond a wedding.

In conclusion, you can view more on my Pinterest page,  which can be accessed on my home page, in addition you can check out the links below.

Cool wedding jumpsuits, for a modern bride, created by House of OllichonBridal
Hand painted jackets by
Beautiful sleeeves on a dress, the image is from Pinterest
Image from Pinterest, showing a very stylish wedding outfit, source W Magazines website
gorgeous veil on trend, by Zia Zia Bellagio