The United Kingdom has been in lockdown for over two weeks now. There have been immense changes, which have been made in London due to the pandemic. I have been able to adapt to the changes and am able to continue to work, fortunately. I will mainly be designing and will also be selling jewellery to those who have special occasions coming up in the near future: such as birthdays, anniversaries or for those who would like to treat themselves. The life of an indie jewellery designer and maker is usually quite insular, at the best of times, however there are currently no up and coming showcases or pop ups, which is usually a good way to connect with new people and customers.

When I do go outside, the streets are very quiet, often there are queues outside supermarkets and long queues outside the main post offices. As the peak of the virus has not arrived as yet, this is set to be the way of life for the near future. Social distancing has become the norm and it seems very everyday to see people wearing masks and gloves at the moment.

Its amazing to see how the NHS is doing and also the other front line workers who are helping to keep life in the United Kingdom moving. Its also great to see many organisations offering to help those who are being affected by the societal changes that have been made due to the Corona virus 19.

Its also good to see how, when the pandemic lessens in other places, how life begins to revert back, to the days before corona 19. Looking forward to the time when this happens in the U.K.

A new piece made in ethical silver